In the Red…What awaits?

Where is the speed?
Where is the speed?

If ever there was a perfect visual definition to the term “SEEN A GHOST”, then it has be be that of Felipe Massa, immediately after the Großer Preis von Deutschland (The German Grand Prix).

In the race before Germany, the F1 circus was at Silverstone, England. In typical British weather, all wet and dreary, It was Team McLaren who dominated from qualifying, particularly in terms of speed, until Lewis decided to do a bit of offroading at Priory, and continued till the black and white squared flag was finally shown. At Silverstone, it would have come none too soon for the Kimster (see Raikkones, Kimi) and Felipe Massa. Despite Lewis qualifying Fourth, He took charge the moment the five light went out. Overtook teammate Heikki Kovalainem pretty quickly and then went about his business in the traditional British efficiency (the efficiency has left the building).
Some say that Kimi would’ve been challenging him throughout the race, if only Ferrari had not botched up the strategy on the tyres during the pit stops. But, quite frankly, that was never going to happen. Okay, Kimi would’ve finished a bit higher up the standings, but challenge Hamilton, not a chance. He just did not have the speed lot could have been redeemed for Ferrari by Massa. But Felipe decided he would like more time spinning around than driving the car in the traditional fashion of the front at the front and the rear end following as he drove along. He even managed to have a terrified rabbit scurrying for his dear life as Tornado Massa approached rather quickly.
In the truly terrible conditions, Lewis Hamilton was blindingly quick and impeccicably precise. Ferrari was hoping the nightmare would end at Hockenheim.
Alas. It Didn’t.
Ever since Michael Schumacher retired, we probably have not seen a sunday where it was impossible to find fault in an F1 drive. 20 th July 2008 was one such day. Having started the race on pole, it was an exhibition of sheer speed. Having to recover after the disaster in the strategy and finally pitted, six laps showed the sheer aggression of the young Britisher. On lap 54, he was behind Massa, who in turn was behind Nelson Piquet Jr. The sheer aggression with which Hamilton Overtook Massa at the hairpin turn was, in my view, the image of the race. After that, Massa was driving as if he had seeen a ghost.
It is a headache for the Ferrari Team is to now solve whatever issues are there with the drivers.

Felipe Massa remains a riddle wrapped in an enigma. When on song he’s in the mood, but when not, he’s just terrible. His performance in the British Grand Prix was downright terrible and bereft of any understanding of what was happening.

The riddle of Kimi is quite not understood. This could be partly due to the fact that he speaks very little (it is a bit difficult when he is engaging in various excersions in a nightclub, even during the daytime, perhaps) and also because he speaks in a language not yet understood by the human race. If he doesn’t believe he has a chance, he will just coast around. There are days when you end up wondering if Kimi has even decided to show up for the race with even an iota of botheration about the activity of racing the car, around the track, for a certain time period, and try to do it faster than everyone else who has bothered to show up.

Some say that Kimi already has his mind set on retiring at the end of this season. I wonder where that will leave Ferrari in terms of the available drivers. The word is that the team management is very annoyed with Massa and want him to leave as well.

Rumour mill suggests Fernando Alonso could get a drive. No idea on who the second might be. But i would suggest keeping Alonso at an arms length if the next driver I am talking about is to be lured to the red garage.

Lewis Hamilton. It for reasons other than his driving that Lewis might leave McLaren. There are those who say relations between “Team Hamilton” and some of the senior players at McLaren (including Ron Dennis) are none too good already and the option to move might come a lot closer than Lewis’s five-year £75 million contract might suggest. It is inevitable for Hamilton to leave for Maranello at some point or the other. Why not do it when he could end up joining as the team’s number one driver, Micheal Schumacher, and a car that is pretty reliable and quick when the driver is not half asleep or has not decided to be a tumble drier.

I would also suggest getting Jenson Button. Two drivers who want to be very quick. One is really quick, while the other is quite good, though not in the same league. Ultra Dependable wingman, i should say.

Finally, as we approach Hungaroaring, Ferrari desperately need to up their game. The utter lack of speed in comparison to the Silver Arrows and the driver issues have to be addressed if the twisty and dusty circuit is to be conquered.

While we all worship the sheer quality at the altar that is Lewis Hamilton, I have one more question….

……….where is Max Mosely???!!!!!


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