Thank You, Capt Vaughan.

A true leader

A true leader

As the he puts an end to his glorious reign as England’s test captain, we must all salute the man for he will walk away with his head held high. In a way, this brings back memories of how Nasser Hussain also resigned from the leadership, while loosing against the South Africans, in mid series. Nasser went out with a century, but there was no such luck for this man. For the first time as the leader, in his 5 years at the helm, has he suffered back to back test match defeats. This, coupled with his own struggling batting form, was apparently a pain too strong to bear for a man who put his heart into the game, day in and day out.The man we talk about is Michael Vaughan.

The way England fought back at Edgbaston showed how much his troops were still fighting hard for the skipper . In his five years at the helm, he has led in 51 tests, out of which England won 26. This makes him by far the most succesful England Captain. And this will take some quality leadership to surpass.

No England supporter, or for that matter, any cricket follower can forget the summer of 2005. The highlight of Michael’s career, and the Aussies still don’t know what hit them in that English summer. The team too, was never the same after that. But the leader always tried his hardest to rally his troops.

Battling a career threatning kneee- injury, he came back with a strong will. Though his form has not been the same since, it is quite apt to say that “form is temporary, class is permanent”.  And, Capt. Vaughan has done enough in his career to labelled a class player. Anyone who did not stop and admire Michael Vaughan in full flow need to get their head checked.

A thinking captain, he always believed in giving the young players a chance. He did not always have the strongest resources to choose from.

Well, it is the end of an era, and it is sad it ended this way. But, we will always remember Vaughan as someone who set an example of how devoted he was to the game, his team and the the country.

We will always remember that it was Michael Vaughan’s England that stuck it to the Aussies in that magical summer.

And yes, please don’t burden KP with the captaincy. Look at the examples of Sachin Tendulkar, Andrew Filntoff and Brian Lara to understand how much pressure it can put on the best player in the team.


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  1. Mehak

    A very passionate piece!! that is my first response. and now I can add that it is very well-written. the love for England drips from your writing..infact, from every act of yours!

    nevertheless, very well expressed. and very knowledgeable too..keep it up!

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