Global Warming..Eh? What a load of rubbish.

Lovely Weather, isn't it?

Lovely Weather, isn't it?

Ever since the start of the month of July, it has been raining here in Delhi. Quite normal, since it is the monsoon season. And it is supposed to rain in the monsoons.

Well, quite simply, the previous edition of the winter months were what they should be, very cold. The summers just gone by were what they were supposed to be, rather warm. And the monsoons in progress at the moment are full of rain, like they should be. This is how weather has been ever since the evolution of the earth, and well be till the time the big ball goes kaput.

Yes. But the environmentalists don’t think so. Well, then again, they are the sort of people who cannot have a civilized discussion. They are more adept at throwing pies and eggs at those who disagree with them. A bit like communists and hippies. Try discussing, in a civilized manner, the weather, with an environmentalist, and I can guarantee you this, if you have an opinion contrary to his, you will need to take  a bath when you get home.

It’s been raining since morning. I had to drive to office in blinding rain. And due to all the rain over the last one month, the car park outside my office is quite literally full of water. And yet, nobody cries and cribs like them environmentalists. We carry on with our lives, because we know, that like every year gone by, this is a cycle, that comes with the monsoons, and will soon change to the post monsoon dry weather.

Environmentalists, on the other hand find something wrong with everything. They say that warm summers are a sign of the deterioration of the global weather. Why? Are’nt summers supposed to be warm? Or should it be freezing? Even then, it will be wrong, wouldn’t it? They also say that the polar bear will loose their habitat.

They also say that cold winters are a sign of the global weather gone bad. aren’t winters supposed to be cold? or should they be lukewarm? But that would also be wrong, wouldn’t it? Now, they conveniently forget about the polar bear.

The monsoons are the worst. Heavy rain, is normal, but the environmentallists all congreggate and tell us that too much rain is a sign that the world has gone pear shaped. If there is lesser than nornal rain, then also they have to tell us that we have harmed the world. But what they have not told us is whether the polar bear likes rains, or not.

Will someone, who is willing to take a long shower this evening, please tell these bunch of idiots that doomsday is still not here? And I am quite sure, it won’t be for a very long time to come. And send some environmentalists to me. I will dearly love to make them pump out all the  water that has filled up in the parking outside. That will make a lot of people, who are sane and have better things to do than look at maps the whole day, very happy. For they will not have to walk in water, neither drive through water, and not have to park in water.

The rain is very normal. The heat in the summer months is what brings the monsoons, you idiots. And it is the tilting of the earth’s axis, is what brings the winter.

And yes, the image i have put with this post, quite simply explains the happiness monsoons bring to the normal human beings.

Enjoy the weather, and drive safely. Because, the civic authorities are another bunch of idiots, which we shall discuss about, sometime later.



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One comment

  1. mehak chawla

    I wont have much to say about the environmentalists, since you and sir Clarkson hardly leave out anything! but well, civic authorities! yes, they are a bunch of idiots for sure! very well explained!

    witty and superbly written i must say.. or is it just the monsoon which have bestowed a compliment showering mood upon me?? 🙂

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