The State Of “No Feel”.

Following up on the yesterday’s post of Inner Peace, today was another step, in that regard. Forwards or backwards, I still don’t know.

As I write this blog, many of my friends must still be stuck on the roads of New Delhi, thanks to the heavy rain and the security arrangements (or an eyewash, rather).

It was a stroke of luck that I left office at 4pm, instead of the usual 5.30pm. And how lucky I was. I reached home at 8pm. Full 4 hours of unadulterated driving displeasure, for both me and the machine, through crawling traffic, stagnant traffic, a lot of water and persistent heavy rain.

Well, those who left at their usual times are still stuck, as I write this post. I sincerely pray to God that the jams clear out soon, and they can safely reach their homes as soon as possible. And I will always wonder why do those, who have been assigned a task, never do it. Why can’t the civic authorities clean up the drains? They get flayed every year, but still never get tired of the abuses. Maybe they are too busy standing in the road, looking at girls going by. That happens to be the favourite past-time of a lot of people, apparently, because there seems to be no cleaning of drains, among a lot of other undone work.

We shall let the perverts to their body organs, for now. (though I wish they get relieved, rather painfully, of the state of having them).

And state brings me onto the next part of my post. The state of “no feel”. I apparently, have lost all ability to sense and feel. Could this be a sign of EBOLA or CLEMIDIA? Or the BIRD-FLU?

Well, Since yesterday (Wednesday), I had not been feeling very well. And right from Thursday morning, I have been having a splitting headache. But what is worrying is that I didn’t feel like paying attention to it. Good, you might say. Not normal for me, I say. But wait. Because even after four hours of driving, I didn’t shout at anyone, I didn’t drive like a maniac (in other words, like my normal self), didn’t feel anything. Again, hugely abnormal, in my case. And when I reached home, I had a drink. A Romanov to be precise. And yet, it didn’t feel like I had a drink . This got me a bit worried. Headache, Jams and Drink, Still nothing is registering in my head. This compelled me to write this post.

This is a state of “No Feel”. And I didn’t feel anything while I was writing this….And I wonder why?


About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!

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  1. Vaidehi Sharma

    Dude u forgot the chips and the coke…

    our yummy cheetosss

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