Is there no Goal?

Who Can Score?

After yesterday night’s goalless draw to Aston Villa, I am forced to wonder, yet again, as to whether this is due to sheer incompetence, or the curse of Emilie Heskey?

For the last few years, Liverpool have been searching for a half decent strike force to lead the assault on the pemiership. Al who came and went proved not upto the challenge. And then there was Michael Owen.

I distinctly remember that during Houlier’s era, there used to be one man up front, either Michael Owen or Emilie Heskey. Mostly Owen.

But that is not the point. The point that I am trying to make is whether Liverpool have some issue setting up the team to score goals? Owen left, and we had Heskey leave, sometime very soon, thankfully. But what after that?

Milan Baros. He was supposed to be a potent striker, as he showed in the Euro 2004. And when it came to playing up front for the Merseysiders, he had no clue as to what direction he was facing in and in which direction was the goal.

Djbril Cisse. He was quick. And that’s about it. Came to the premiership with very high expectations, and ended up playing on the right wing. Before leaving. And coming back a few years later, for Sunderland, and scoring a debut goal.

Peter Crouch. He spent more time going around in circles, tripping over defenders, or mostly over his own two feet. But a steady number of goals were not coming from him either.

Fernando Morientes. A RealMadrid player, and a brilliant one at that. Fell down the pecking order due to no fault of his own. (see Galacticos, los). Spent a few seasons at Monaco on loan, and won them the Champions League. Came to the Red part of Liverpool and was absolutely rubbish.

Dirk Kuyt. He is not a striker. He is not a winger. Despite this, he is the only man Rafa Benitez believes is good enough to be on the pitch every single match.

Robbie Keane. Last night, he was made to play right-back for a considerable amount of the match. Need I say more?

Thank God we have Torres. We have Hope.

But the reasoning that I am getting in my head is that Liverpool set out to play defensively, thus the strikers are left to fall over their own feet out of sheer boredom, and we inevitably loose.

All the strikers I have named above are good enough to get into most top teams in continental Europe. And Emilie Heskey.

Unless the mentality at Liverpool changes, there can be no striker partnership that can consistently ship them goals.

Why does Liverpool turn every striker into a winger?

Why cant Liverpool play more attacking and fearless soccer?

What are they fearing?




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One comment

  1. terah vashim

    what can i say to that… when my own gunners are faltering with each game.. sometimes they seem indestructible… and reminds me of the “invincibles”…. they fail against some Hulls…
    anyway… ur team is lookin gud now… hope it will carry on… vamos Rafa!!!( rafael benitez)

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