Is one better or two?

The long road to happines?

The long road to happines?

I ask this question when it comes to roads. The city of New Delhi is in a state of virtual gridlock, soon to become a real gridlock. The roads are bursting to their seams with about 47 modes of transport jostling for space. The biggest problem, quite obviously, is that the roadspace is not adequate to hold this massive traffic. There is no place on the ground to extend them. So, what do we do?

The answer is- Go Up.

Look at the image of the Tokyo Metropolitian Expressway in Akasaka. Does this give any ideas?

This is what popped into my head while driving today. I was discussing this with a very close friend today, whlist we returned from office. And from her reaction, I believe she thought I was a dribbling idiot who has a waste of blood and organs! Well, Vaidehi, this one is for you!

See, the simple thing is, we need to increase the roads. build elevated roads over the existing ones, keeping both operational for simultaneous use. Particularly, the places like Mathura Road and Moolchand need this solution. For example, on Mathura Road, the lower level road can be used by people going the colonies on both sides, whereas, the elevated road can be used by those heading towards Ashram crossing and beyond. This increases road space by 100% since the number of roads servicing the same area increase from one to two. Stoppage times at the signals on the lower level road will also decrease, due to the reduced cross movement of traffic.

If this idea is implemented with proper grids of elevated roads, traffic snarls will be reduced dramitically. Well, I say reduced and not a thing of the past, because there will always be an idiot driving at snails pace in the middle of the road, thinking slow driving is safe. People will reach home much les tired and much more happier. This will also translate to a happier environment all around. Families will be happier, divorce rates will fall, friends will not fight because of stress, we can reach places on time and the hosts will be happy.

The solution to all the stress and bad temper in our city is more roads. And please, for God’s sake, dont build a toll plaza on them elevated roads, else the purpose of reducing pile-ups will be completely lost, and the city will get even more angry.

And we don’t want to make our dear ones angry, do we?


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