Old times return?

IIMC Times!
IIMC Times!

Ever since our Post-Graduation at IIMC ended, we have been rather Blue, missing the Green. No, we were not painters or artists, as you might have just thought.

A bunch of us at IIMC had decided, in an unspoken way, that we shall always remain friends, no matter where we land up working, whichever city we may be in, or whatever our job timings may be.
Well, then and now. We have long days. No time to meet anybody and everyone is so irritated with the change our lives has witnessed. Not a day goes by in office when we don’t think of the days of IIMC, where we used to arrive at the college at sharp 9am. Well, some of us did! (sorry Sanghu!!)
U might now be thinking we were really dedicated towards attending classes. Apparently not.
We arrived in college and instead of turning right, into the building towards our classrooms, we would turn left, towards the garden, with the grass Green and the air filled with a combination of smoke (mostly all smoked) and the morning cup of tea. This was to awaken ourselves in the morning. But, in hindsight, I do wonder why we all made so much effort to wake up.
Fifteen minutes past 10.00 am, we would all be asleep again, all on somebody or the other’s lap. The less fortunate ones had to use a bag as a pillow. We would only awaken when someone, making the effort of traversing the distance from their home to the college, joined us to sleep in the garden. May I also add, this garden was right outside where the window of our H.O.D’s room faced! I imagine his expression.
This would go on till about 1.30pm. That is when hunger would awaken us all, simultaneously. I am still in amazement as to how all of us would awaken simultaneously, every day, throughout the second semister. We must all really love each other.
The post lunch siesta is done, so religiously, by only two kinds of people. The Spanish, and our Radio and Television Journalism batch of IIMC. Post lunch also saw a change in how we slept. There always was someone assigned the duty of bringing tea, Cold drinks, sutta or chips for anyone who so desired at any given point of time. Some would wake up, mumble something which others may or may not be interested in, and fall asleep again. Someone would wake up in a while and rant about some displeasure he or she may have. Some would walk off, bored with life, or to attend to some work, which mostly involved not going to the classroom! Then we would all wake up as the sun started it’s descent, and chatted about a lot of stuff, jumping from topic to topic, and ended up discussing everything under the sun.
Some became philosophers, some started ranting, some became good listeners and some just became disgusted with whatever politically incorrect matter was being discussed.
(You can relate to such people very easily, because we know them as communists, and we have seen a lot of them on the telvision news recently. The kind who almost toppled the Singh from the throne of our country, until he decided to prove he is the Kinng.)
We basically were the rulers of our own time, the rulers of our wishes and desires. Nobody to report to in the morning, no Log in and Log out times to be checked and be in the company of friends, some of whom you ultimately end up valueing a lot.
Out of the very few, some of them for me are Vaid, Aka and Sangh, all of whom I met today, after ages. Really, it feels like ages. I was in a really bad mood, and Vaid decided that my mood needs cheering up. (Thank you so much!). So, we left office early, when there was still some sun in the sky, and the traffic had not exploded in quantity. Though we could not spend a lot of time together in the evening, but whatever time we were together, it felt like the golden times were back. That was a feeling I had, rather we all had, really missed.
How dearly we all wish IIMC could come back again.
(Dear Vaid, Thank you so much for making the effort to cheer me up..I am honoured…it really did help..For a while, I really did stop using my brain and enjoyed being with you all. But baby, there are some things which hurt so bad, particularly when you don’t know the reasoning and the logic (or the lack of it) behind them, that it becomes exasperating and we feel like picking up a hammer, and putting it to full use, on things around, and then ultimately to one’s own head).
Coming back to IIMC, and the Hammer, it reminds me, How much would our dear H.O.D. have loved to get his hands on a hammer while we were still there.

About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!


  1. Sidhant

    i miss IIMC….i miss everythng…

  2. Vaidehi

    dont say thank u man… anytime for you..
    just be strong dude.. everybody goes thru ups and downs but i guess u just learn to be strong with time… chill 😉

    and yeah IIMC… dude i miss it… unbelievable enjoyment zone of my life.. thanks to everybody at IIMC.. truely said “GOLDEN DAYS”

  3. SOurce : India TV too.. world is coming to an end. seems like Vishal tok it tooooo seriously… Very True.. teh golden days as they say.. Man Those were the best days of our lives…


    ———Dude u just stop worrying soon evrything will be over none of us will be alive by this coming thrusday(source News 24 and IBN 7) SO GUYZ LETS MEET UP AND PARTY HARD

  5. Mehak

    Ah! you have made me nostalgic on a monday morning! now my whole week will be spent regretting the fact that IIMC is over!! you are right, they were actually the golden times. I wish to go back too!

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