Can’t Reality be Virtual?

Reset Happiness?

Reset Happiness?

I have been rather inactive on my blog, and not without reason. Work was one, but the one that drives me up the wall is the fact that I have been spending most of my time on the road the last one week. the worst was the day when it rained for 30 minutes in the city of New Delhi, the capital city of supposedly, the fastest developing country in the world. Potential, I think not, Pretentious claims, I would say.

A drive of 52 kilometres, which normally takes around 2 hours, took 4.5 hours. Most of the time sitting, sitting and more sitting. Seatbelt on, engine growling away, foot on the clutch, moving, or should I say, dreaming, at a speed of 2.2 km/hr. It was just exasperating. It would have been more pleasant to have Ebola, the ultimate tropical disease.

Either India is not really developing, except in making tall and false claims about being an economic superpower, or that the people can’t drive. Or both. I suspect it is both. Pretentious in both aspects, this country.

Driving along on the Gurgoan Expressway (is it one?) at about 70 km/hr, you see the first drops of rain on the windscreen and immediately the brake lights of the cars in front of you, illuminate. Why? I was always told that the water logging on the roads causes snarls, but it will take me 25 million lifetimes to understand how a drizzle, which started 31 seconds ago, cause water-logging for all drivers to press their brakes and come to a standstill. Can’t people just drive in the rain? Do they not have working windscreen wipers? or has the economic slowdown taken them away? The driving standards in this city are really bad. Everyone has a car, thanks to the easy finance schemes, but it is a sad thing that you cannot learn driving by paying through EMI’s.

This neatly brings me on to my next point. We are always thinking of new ways of bringing reality into the games we play on our PCs, Playstations, Xbox’s and Wii’s. Why? When we are all so disgusted with our lives, do we want it to infiltrate something still untouched by sadness, arguments, heartbreak, displeasure and rudeness?

Instead, why can’t we put a “Reset” button in our real lives? Dont like the food, Reset. Stuck in a jam, reset. Had a fight with someone, reset. Two Countries going to war, the usually impotent UN can press the reset button. Simple, press R to reset.

What is better still, we could also introduce the concept of levels and cheat-codes. Don’t like the school, particularly, Class5, press N and wake up in the next grade. Don’t like how the day at work is progressing, press N to move to tomorrow. Also, cheat-codes, when deployed, will enhance our capabilities in the present (read present level).

Life will become a lot better, and happier. Do we ever have Game rage, like we all express road rage? Does Mr. Montoya in your favorite Nascar game ever suffer from the wide variety of human emotions, most of them known to be of the rude kind? I am sure even the Mr. Montoya of the real life would want to be his game version.

So, to all the developers out there, looking to instill reality into the gaming world, just stop. I beg of you. Turn around and do what is more worthwhile. Bring virtualism into our real lives. An XBox remote type device with a reset button will do the trick.

Press R to exit this irritating blog.


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  1. mehak chawla

    Haha! wishful thinking..How we all wish that life had a reset button… We would all exit our jobs the very first day!And traffic jams next..and a lot of things shall follow!

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