Not the Harmless Buds, as we know them

The Buds of Destruction

The Buds of Destruction

Earphones. They used to be the domain of the hippies in the 80s. They were only owned by those who had the exhorbitantly expensive walkmans in the 90s. Along came Y2K, and things were the same. Or were they?

Apparently not. Because, along came the iPod. Made by a comany thay can thank it’s existence to the USB ports, as we know them. Anyway, that not being the matter, we move on. The iPod, each and every single one of them had the white colored earphones packed with it. As the iPod traversed the globe, the white ear buds went along as well.

Very soon, everyone who had money had them. Soon, prices started falling, and a lot more people could be spotted with the white buds hanging from their ears. Then, along came some Chinese MP3 players, at throwaway prices, and soon, everyone had them.

It seemed everyone had given up on life, and closed their ears to the drums of despair.

You see, there is a reason the earphones really drive me up the wall. The reason is that all comminication, between humans seems to have stopped. The only communication is through the sound of music, pirated over the WWW.

The kids at home are in their rooms, one has the iPod stuck to his ear through the white wire. The other will have a nice pair of Sennheiser earphones, connecting his computer with his brain. The parents may be screaming at the top of their lungs for the two rugrats. But alas, their communication is in vain. This will bring a rift between the family, between generations, and ultimately all realtions will vrash. Much like the iPods tend to do, at the most inopportune time.

Solution for parents- Podcast to the kids, requesting them to come to the living room for dinner is served.

On the road. It is a narrow, but empty road. You feel the urge to drive along briskly to reach home, because you are hungry, and also have to answer the call of nature. Alas, there is a moron on a two wheeler, trundling along, at 7 kmph, in the middle of the road. No amount of honking will make him budge. Why? The answer lies in the wire you can see emerge from his helmet, and slip into the pocket. You immediately know there is a chinese mp3 player in there, and he must be listening to Himesh. You just know this, because he is plain obstinate. What is I drive him off the road in anger, into a tree? He will bang his head, damage his mp3 player, dirty his precious earphones, will loose all mobility stomach down, loose the ability to have kids. His family, it is safe to assume, will not have the next generation.

Solution- Drive quickly, reach home earlier, and listen to music on a 1000w music system with surround sound, rather than those crackly bastards called earphones. And please, for Gods sake, drive faster. And even if you dont want to, Just Let Me Drive the way I want. You, on a tiny two wheeler, or a bashed up Taxi Indica, or in a comman mans car or a people carrier, are not brick walls meant to stop me. And dont try to, also.

Offices. You have a query. You send out the question, from your vocal cords, through the airwaves in the room, to the person sitting next to you. You, let me also add, did not look at the person, and were looking at the monitor of your computer. But you get no reply. Why? Because when you do happen to look, the person is watching a movie or listening to music, with a Bose headphone set sitting atop his head like a crown. Everyone in every office seems to be doing that. In most cases, Work remains incomplete, communication gaps occur and targets are not met. And thus, the corporate structure comes crumbling down. We, meanwhile, at LD are tech saavy people, and there is no such problem here!

The tiny little earphones, which you thought were so harmless, can lead to a complete collapse of relations and civilizations as we know them. My advice, stop with the madness. Whew..I am tired! Back to magazine issue packing.


About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!


  1. mehak chawla

    haha! good one..just to add..the earphones are also a pain in the ears. Literally!!

  2. Shivani Ramaiah

    I so agree with you! Its amusing at times when we have three people in a room all plugged in listening to music at times I simply miss the good old huddle we had over tea discussing the insignificant nothings… Ironically we call this communication revolution!

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