Saluting the Spirit.

The spirit of Cricket

The spirit of Cricket

It was a very satisfying sight on Star Cricket, on 14th November, as the clock stuck to 2pm IST. This is when the Live broadcast of the All Star T20 match began from The Gabba, Brisbane. This was a match between the Australia IX and the Australian All Stars. Now, you may be wondering, as to why am I so interested in a match from Down Under? There is a resason.

This match is being organized, to benefit the Retired Australian Cricketers. The players featuring in this gala event will be donating their match salaries, as well as all other earnings from this event will go to the Retired Cricketers fund. Quite a noble cause, I should say. But, if we are to believe the Indians, the Aussies are a complete waste of blood and organs. But are they?

The two sides in this match are featuring the current cricketers from Team Australia, some recently retired stars and some domestic cricket stalwards. Why would they all play a gruelling game of T20 in the middle of a packed and tiring international cricket schedule, just to benefit the stars of the yesteryear? After all, it has been fed in the heads of the Indians that Australians are rude, arrogant, brash, arrogant some more, rude some more, irritating, some more rude and are generally complete imbesciles. The beloved money bank, the BCCI, also goes hammer and tongs after the ACB at every available opportunity.

If the Australian cricketers really are all that the Indians have deciphered them to be, then why are they running their butts off to benefit the oldies. There is a reason.

And why am I pointing out India, for that also there is a reason.

Unlike India, the retired cricketers in Australia are still seen with respect. And playing a match in their benefit is seen as an honour.

When was the last time the Indian cricketers or moneybanks BCCI ever did something for its former cricketers? Except for filling up their coffers, thay have absolutely no other reason to be alive. And neither do the beloved cricketers of Team India. All they strive for is to get more advertisments to shoot. And that means more money. Even that little pebble Virat Kohli is now advertising for Espnstar and Nike. God save us all.

Now, you may say that, “what is wrong with our former cricketers?” You see Ravi Shastri, or Javagal Srinath, or Laxman Sivaramakrishnan and even the hippopotamous Sunny Gavaskar on tv every day and they seem fine. Let me educate you to please pick up some cricket journal, for these four cricketers only did not comprise Indian Cricket in the last 50 years. I am sure you will find names of cricketers who you had never even heard of. And trust me, they need help. Financial Help. For in their day, there was no big moolah from adverts.

Look, I am an England supporter, and Australians are my arch-rivals on the field, and nothing more.

Indians are forever criticising Australia, but this is something to learn from. First, stop judging people because you are always wrong at it, and secondly, if the Australians were such big Twats, then they wouldn’t care about the previous generation. But apparently, Team India doesn’t and that makes them Twats.

How does it feel now that the tide has turned?

Team India needs to control its outbursts and aggression, for it is in every series that Team India plays, either at home or abroad, there is a huge controversy of some sort. Ther rest of the world is also playing cricket, but you dont hear them cribbing about small hotel rooms (India tour of England), Monkygate (India tour of Australia) and Slapgate (Mr. Modi’s IPL) etc etc. Th e recent India-Australia series also saw Times Now holding a one hour discussion, hosted by Mr. Arnab Goswami, as to why were the Australians so well beheaved on the first day of the first test, and whether that was good for cricket or bad.

I mean, for God’s Sake!

Anyways, as I now prepare to get chastised, humiliated, disrobed, raped and stoned on the road for saying something different about India, I will just say one thing- To Hell With You, Team India. You useless Twats. Calling people names and then hiding behind the wall of Indianness to save your butt. And then when you slap your own national teammate on the field, the reality is well known for those who had refused to acknowledge it earlier.

Learn some manners. Stop beheaving like kids with a serious case of inferiority complex. And channel your aggression, for you all are bloddy fine cricketers. And that’s it. Not fine gentlemen. There is more to life than just a cricket series. Shut your mouth, and play the game.


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