Where is the response?

What happened in Mumbai today cannot be explained in words. The images speak a million words about the terror and destruction that has been driven through our hearts in one shot. They never came with the plan of one or two bomb explosions. They came with the plan for an all-out war. A war against a country which is obstinate and arrogant. And never has a plan. You may castigate me for saying this, but do hear me out on this.

My prayers go out to the people of Mumbai, and the rest of the countrymen in this time of terror. But there is a deep seated obstinacy which has purely led to this problem.

Remember 9/11, the year 2001. of course you do. What happened after that? President George W. Bush attacked Afghanistan, and the assault was on the Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Then came the devision of the “axis of evil”. Iraq has been dealt with. And it is 2008, and there has not been a single terrorist activity inside the United States since then. That is a good 7 years and not even a single low intensity blast.

Indians, being the opinionated and loud mouthed morons that we are, were the first to join the cries of George Bush being a killer and that he was not a proper leader. And even told off the Americans that they cannot choose a leader, cannot run a country, cannot make their bread and that they should learn the art of living from us Indians.

Seeing how well that is working out now? Not good, I should say.

What George W. Bush was doing was simply defending his countrymen, something that leaders do when under attack. What have our so called democratically elected leaders doing for us? Getting us killed in Kashmir, getting us killed in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, in Delhi every weekend and now an all-out war in Mumbai.

The security forces lay down their lives defending us, simply because we cannot plug the holes in the wall.

Is India any better than Jerusalem? Or Baghdad? Or Gaza? The answer is No.

This should be a lesson to Indians to not castigate anyone just doing his job, simply because you think it is wrong. the fact that you think it is wrong is wrong in itself. Because, George Bush had the vision of the future, he did what he did. Indians did not. Look where that has got us now.  And America is secure. The facts speak for themselves. America is not being attacked. We are. And we cannot even deal with one enemy.

Indians have the habit of castigating anyone nd everyone. The Americans are fools. The British are idiots. The Australians are a waste of bones. Everyone is a fool, Right?

Hang me for calling Indians as idiots, but deep down inside, You know the answer. What a waste of a bloody country.


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