Where art thy “savior”?

Well, countless innocent lives lost, a million bullets fired and a city and a country that still cannot come to terms with what has happened.

But the biggest question that remains on my mind is- Where the hell was Raj Thackrey all this time?

Well, I think I have an answer- He was hiding under his bed, after having wet his pants (continually- and he eventually ran out of a clean one to wear).

He calls himself the savior of the Marathis, or the Maratha Manoos as he calls them. After all, it was the manoos who were being mercilessly shot by non-Marathis. Then, his manoos were rescued by the non-Marathis. (Except the local Policemen, all other members of the security forces were from other parts of India, mostly north India).

And they all gave up their lives for the people he had claimed to be the Godfather and saviour of. The complete and utter idiot was nowhere to be seen. Neither was the rest of the Thackrey clan. Nor their “brave” Shiv Sainiks. Complete bastards all they are. (I have to use these words because my blood boils at the sight of all this). And I am sure so is the case with the rest of the sensible minded India.

The Thackrey clan is only capable of creating a ruckus when a new movie, which they dont like, releases in cinema halls and of beating up couples and damaging property on Valentines Day. They are not capable of doing anything constructive.

This should be a lesson to the clan of bastards to keep their whiny and smelly mouths shut. We dont need you idiots. Marathis dont need you, you bastards. We are all capable of helping each other in times of crisis and are quite capable of living together in peace and harmony with each other. Don’t draw political boundries.

If you have such a fancy for being someone’s savior, Mr. Raj, take the old man Thackrey and go to the  border. Go to Kashmir, where our brave soldiers are battling the enemy in -50 degrees. Have you ever felt that in your air-conditioned homes? No, You have not.

I suggest the clan be lynched. Let this be a lesson of unity for all of us.



About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!


  1. Yuvraj

    Anger defies sensibility!!! Even the wisest bow to become irrational, and in turn stupid…and though i totally respect your views (not that you’s care), and infact do share a certain feeling, i strongly believe that with your anger you sound like one of his men (i have had the, good or bad, fortune of meeting a few of those dumb fucks), i stand against your take of anger against him…he dosent deserve the respect of your or my wrath, he deserves that laugh, the stripping laugh, the laugh that turns mens heart cold and leaves them with one option, to die…it is because we humor such idiots that they get the courage to stand up….these illiterates are like children wanting the moon, even if you did give it to them, then the fuck would they do with it?…fuck knows…

    anyways nice piece all in all…but just one problem…”its not where art (thy) saviour?”…its thou..

  2. mehak chawla

    By God! What anger! But I agree..raj T, is a complete blot on Mumbai and this country.. he really ought to be wiped out.

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