Fuelled to the finish?

India never seems to learn. It has been an ear of utter misrule by the Congress led UPA government at the centre. It was an era of chaos in Sheila Dixit’s previous tenure in Delhi. But Delhi again voted her into the CM’s chair, much to even her own disbelief.

There is no development at all for the Commonwealth Games, no projects are on schedule, all roads are worse than those in Vietnam, there is the BRT also somewhere in this city and the chief minister tells females not to go out of home after 8pm. Utter anarchy. And yet Delhi voted for her. I know the alternative parties are no saints, but they did deserve a chance after this debacle.

The era continues. And this time, they have managed to make the transporters and the oilmen rather cross. Things don’t change, do they? This government had not very recently, they had made the gujjars in Rajasthan, Delhi shopkeepers as well as the people of Mumbai very angry. And now we are all left high and pretty much dry.

There are huge queues outside pumps in Delhi, and this is causing traffic snarls at quite a few places. But every news report I have read on the net has the Home Minister and the Petroleum Ministry giving us figures, and not providing solutions. They are telling us what percentage the Haldia refinery is working at, what percentage of total fuel is available in Mumbai and how many pumps in Delhi still have petrol. The politicians have suddenly gotten it into their heads that they are MBA material and have found a fancy for number crunching. They also have conveniently forgotten that they need to find a solution, and not talk like an economist.

I don’t care what percentage is what. All I care about is the fact that there is no fuel in the fuel pumps around my place, and going to office is going to be a tense affair because it is a 104km drive total. Not only me, how will food and essential supplies reach vendors? How will the medicines reach hospitals and shops? How will someone be able to take me to the hospital if I suddenly drop to the floor with a heart attack?

Like she told the females, Madame Sheila Dixit will probably advice us against writing blogs online, for they may cause health problems.

India voted for the Congress, again, across a lot of states. I cannot understand why. And now, this is the price you pay for being ignorant . Vote for them in the General Elections again, and be ready for utter anarchy.

The old bunch just cannot handle the country. Maybe, due to the requirements of their age, they spend more time putting oil in their hair and combing it while  criticizing the youth of the nation for all the problems and faults.  Let me burst the bubble for them.

I would dearly love to order a whole bunch of caskets for them all. But oh. I forgot. There are no trucks available. Maybe this strike saved them. 


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