Bigger than the Galaxy.

Americans have no sense of what a foot is, what a ball is, and how those two combine to make the game of football. Thay play football with helmets, shoulderpads, running around holding an oval ball against their chest like a baby and then fall over each other in a heap. How is it football when they dont kick they ball around, which itself is not round? I have no idea.

But they have always had big mouths and they are quite comfortable using them. The entire management machinery of LA Galaxy soccer club ahave come out saying that David Beckham is not bigger than the club. Well, I am sorry to burst the bubble, but he is.

Before Beckham arrived, no one cared who Galaxy were. He is bigger than your entire club put together, all clubs in your country put together, and will always be. Playing for clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan in one lifetime is something straight out of fantasy dreams. All three of these clubs did not need someone to solely sell jerseys for them. They has a more than capable roster always, anyways. It is his quality as a player which these clubs have valued.

Beckham has played all of 89 minutes in Milan as yet, and the management and player, including Jesus’s man Kaka have expressed a desire to keep him through the next season as well. And I wish he stays. And I wish he gets his 100 caps for England. He has always been a great footballer, and will always be.


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