Why kick the slumdog?

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has caught the fancy for logging on to the world wide web every now and then and writing a blog on the Mr Anil Ambani run blog website. All is very well. But when you have the ability to influence the thinking of the country, you should not be writing ill-informed stuff on your blogs. I normally never read his blog and neither do I intend to, but his recent and rather well doumented outburst at the movie is surprising.

He writes about Slumdog Millionaire and that the movie is poking fun at the Indian poor. A poorly thought out opinion, for which I believe has later apoligized on his blog. He says that it portrays India in poor light.


Is India not a poor country? Just because a handful of people in Bengaluru made it big typing some programming code into their computers does not mean that India is rich, well-educated and a world beater. Contrary to peevish opinions, we are not. What was wrong about what was shown in the movie? Does Mumbai not boast of the largest slum cluster in the whole of Asia? Is it empty or people do live in it? If people do live in it, the number, Mr Bachchan, must be quite huge.

Secondly, do we not always poke fun at the British in every Bollywood movie possible? Do we not always show foreigners as incompetent and bumbling gangsters in every movie possible. Inevitably, they faint into oblivion after the hero lands one “hindustani” punch on them. Do we not have international cinema not full of movies poking fun at the Germans and the Nazi era. Is that not wrong then? Isn’t real life really kicking India’s butt?

Today, our cities are worse than Jerusalem in terms of safety for citizens. Our economic poster boys are sucking investors’ hard earned money. Our cricketers are arguing with hotel security staff because they are told that they are free birds. And yes, Raj Thackrey (I cannot be bothered to check if the spellings of his name are correct or not) still roams the streets of Mumbai. Militants are kicking our butt in Kashmir as well, thanks to the politicians. And yes, there has been an economic crisis.

If the portrayal of India’s poor peeves you so much, sir, then we should have movies on the topics listed above, and more. That would be correct portrayal, i guess.


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