Green Mean.

Remember the Tesla Roadster? The very same electric car which Jeremy recently reviewed on Top Gear. He had liked the car, sort of,  till the time it unexpectedly ran out of battery power (sigh) and developed a broken clutch even when not being driven. Jeremy was not pleased. And the intolerant and peevish Green brigade tore into Jeremy and Top Gear for fudging facts and portraying a lie. Interestingly, Tesla never contested what was shown on the show! This made the Green People look really stupid, and they instantly retreated into their Green Houses to prepare egg baskets for throwing at SUVs.

But what was worrying was the price of the green mobile. (Interestingly the Green meanies based it on the Lotus Elise, which when I last checked was not green in any sense). It cost £92,000 when Jeremy tested it. And like most green things, pretensions soon bite the dust of reality.

This time it is the price of putting the whole thing together. As if the 92 grand asking price was not enough, yesterday, Tesla have raised the price and also made previously standard components as optional. these add up to about £7,000.

People who wanted to go green paid up to £50,000 as booking amount on this car. They have now been sent rude letters saying that they will loose their booking number if they do not re-confirm. How very rude of the Green People.

Let us look at what has been made optional (was standard on the car earlier). Being an electric car, don’t expect a Sport button. But what has been made optional is the High Performance Charger which can fully charge the car in 3.5 hours. Without the HPC, it takes a full night of power supply to charge you for the next 100 kilometres or so. this part now costs £3,000. Secondly, the alloy wheels now will cost £2300.

Tesla say they need this to become profitable. Yeah, Right. Be mean and be pretentious.This even when they have not had to invest and spend money in researching and making a car- the body, the interiors, the design and safety equipment. They used all of Lotus’s nous, but still are ending up with no Green Paper in their pocket!

The Green people also forget how the Tesla is charged and from where that energy comes from. The Ans- the power station. And let me add, that power demand is already at its limit, with no space for Green Meanies plugging in their drives and going off to sleep to dream dreams of playing catch the ball with the polar bears.

This is just an example of how pretentious the whole electric car thing is. and for that matter, the whole Green thing is. People see money and profits in going Green. I don’t. I only see envelopes made from terrible quality paper and a lot of seminars where people go and talk green. They also practice being intolerant to anyone who thinks otherwise and buys an SUV. And yes, pie throwing at anyone who does not agree.

Apparently Tesla realized this too. And probably a bit too late.

Jeremy was not wrong, either.


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  1. Mehak

    Hahahaha…I know you have been waiting to say this for almost 6 months now!! hehe.. Nice!

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