Talibanization, Version 2.1

Shocking incidents in Mangalore. And the first word which comes to mind seeing the images of all those pretty ladies being needlessly assaulted is- Talibanization.

Who are we to scoff at Taliban or the fundamentalist Muslim views when we have such imbecile creatures living amongst us and having their way whenever they want? And a way which is not correct either.

First, who is Muthalik and that moustached maniac Shetty to tell us what Hinduism means?

Secondly, who is Muthalik to come on television and tell me that he would do this to even his kids if he found them in a pub with other girls? Poor kids. I feel really sorry for them. Trust me, if I was born as a son of Muthalik or that Shetty or any of these Sena brigade members, I wouldv’e killed that father a very long time ago.

I have been born in a household which is extremely liberal and my parents are open-minded, liberal and understanding. Never have I ever been interrogated on who I am going out with or what am I doing. And I like it that way. This is exactly why I find these kind of things rather assanine.

Would someone please help the nation get rid of these Sena brigades? Any which way possible. Please. Shootings, assaninations, head on car collisions, electrocution, hunger, AIDS, wrong medicine dosage, assault or knifing. Any which way. Pick and choose which one interests you. Be Quick. People of Mangalore and Mumbai have the quickest access to these asses. Get cracking, my fellow youngsters.

With these people gone, the country will be a much better place to live in. More liberal and modern.


About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!


  1. Mehak

    These idiots should just be sent to Taliban! They might have their wishes fulfilled there.

  2. kiran

    i totally agree….the only solution is to either kidnap these people and just keep them underground forever or just fake their death.

  3. Augusto Pinto

    cranks like Pramod Muthalik and his followers are bound to surface every now and again. especially when elections are coming close and there is a need to polarise voters. muthalik is now a recogmisable face. but what really saddens me is the response of the state government. they seemed extremely ashamed to act in the matter .

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