A sad PIX.

Sony has gotten the rights to the FA Cup matches LIVE on the PIX channel. First of all, I do not know why or how did Sony end up with the broadcast rights. Secondly, it is a movie channel which has absolutely no competency for showing soccer matches.

PIX has no prematch show. PIX has no postmatch show. In fact, PIX has hardly any match to show. The timings are all wrong. Match broadcasts begin after kickoff.

This weekend was an utter disaster for us soccer fans. Only a very few matches were shown LIVE. And those were shown as if it was some obligation for PIX to break away from their usual movie schedule.

The highlights were broadcast some 1 hour earlier than the scheduled time. Well, they only made the schedules.

I cannot understand how PIX is showing matches in India while ESPNSTAR has the rights for the rest of Asia?

Did it do it on purpose to iritate us?

Did it buy the rights thinking FA were some movie awards?

It is a pathetic experience for us fans to endure the moody broadcasts on PIX.

I hope PIX goes back to doing what it knows best, showing movis. Stay away from Soccer, you whiny pieces of trash. Go launch a sports channel if you want to show soccer. Or let the professionals do their job.

I hope someone sues PIX. I would love to, if only I could find someone in Sony who was ready to answer the phone.


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  1. AJ

    isme videshi taakaton ka haath hai…

  2. Swap

    You are spot on Dude.

    I just don’t understand Sony, on their website http://www.pixtelevision.com/dev/fa_cup.php, they claim ” PIX has bagged the official television rights in India to telecast UK’s most popular football tournament, ………….. Matches will be aired Live and EXCLUSIVE on PIX “. Now since they broadcast rights, they are expected to show Live matches as much as possible(or atleast same as espnstar which they are showing in rest of the Asia). Last weekend they only showed Man U Vs Spurs Live. Worse they don’t event tell why aren’t they showing others LIVE, especially two matches on Sunday.

    I totally agree with you man, they should stick to movies, as their punch line says “We tell stories” , Tell stories PIX ppl, why are you spoiling sports ????? and if you wanna get into sports, DO IT PROPERLY.

    I really hope your blog catches eye of PIX or maybe even FA.

    Good Job man, at least someone from India is making some noise.

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