Loss of a Home.

Last weekend I went to Jaipur. It is like my third home. The first being my actual home where I eat, sleep and have fun. Second being my office, where I eat, sleep and have fun. And the third being Jaipur. Where also I eat, sleep and have fun.

But this time, things seemed different. There seemed an air of change, and a bad one at that. I was not able to put my finger on it, until I got stuck in a traffic jam. A traffic jam in Jaipur till now was like an aircraft carrier in the Ganges river.

But it happened. And it was right then that I figured out what had happened. It was Ashok Gehlot, the new Congress party’s chief minister for the state of Rajasthan. Looking around Jaipur, I saw dug up roads, traffic signals, portholes and more traffic jams. And yes, there is a BRT also in the works. After living in a Congress ruled (or misruled) state- Delhi, for about 10 years now, I can assure you that such chaotic scenes are the trademarks of a state where the Congress party is in power. Off the roads and the elecricity had developed the habit of running away whenever it wanted. And the youngsters at malls and markets had a worried look on their faces, half expecting some moronic Moral Sena (which will have the blessing of Gehlot- the pile of bones made from solidified, but still very smelly s**t .) to jump out from the shadows and assault them.

The chief minister, or the s**t eating, s**t sucking, s**t drinking waste of blood and organs as I call him, has announced that he does not like the sight of any boy holding any other girl’s hand and walking.

First, it is not his job to tell youngsters what to do. He is not the boss of me.

Second, he can eat more s**t.

Third, he can die.

I wonder why the people of Rajasthan voted Congress back into power. Look, I am no supporter of the BJP, but the fact is simple. Vasundhara Raje was doing a brilliant job, was a charismatic leader, had modern and liberal views, and had taken the state to levels of development which will now all be undone within the spaace of 2 months and Jaipur will be transferred back to the camel riding, dusty and utterly rubbish state it was pre-Raje era.

And the people of Rajasthan have to be blamed for voting the assinine bast**d into power. I mean, what were they thinking of?


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One comment

  1. Supriya

    Completely agree….Vasundhara Raje at least i n her taste for good things was enroute to some good developement amidst the fine dining and wining of royals…but i think to blame her for having those traits and thus pushing her out of the state was a litlle weird knowing that the Rajasthan people look upto royalty isnt…….wish the half dead seeming gehlot could reach an iota of charisma she displays!!

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