For crying out loud..

Oh, shut It.

Till about 45 minutes ago, Slumdog Millionaire was the worst thing to have ever hit Indian movie halls according to the very “intelligent masses”. India was appalled at the portrayal of the poor in the city of Mumbai. Danny Boyle was an enemy even bigger than the Mumbai terror attack perpetrators. The movie completely portrayed India in the wrong light. The British were up to their old tricks, weren’t they? Everyone who wanted media space- TV or print was tearing apart the movie completely (ex- IIPM’s pony tailed Arindham Chaudhari). India has been hurt and that it is a disgrace and blah blah.

Now the movie has won the 2009 Oscar for best picture, please do not call it victory for India, or Mera Bharat mahan or chak de India or something similar. Because something which was totally a disgrace for India till about 45 minutes ago cannot suddenly become the glory factor.

So, Shut it.

It is a victory for the entire crew, not the country. They worked hard, did a good job and deserved the award. Not all you for running your mouths just to be on television.

For God Sake, stop being hypocrites.


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