Ford looking to make car dash boards more interesting!

It seems Ford Motor Company is now bored with the traditional dashboards we see in cars…And is inspired by mobile phones!

Basically, Ford rang up Ideo one day, and told them that a new dashboard design was needed. Ideo, being the professionals that they are, apparently responded instantly.

Ideo, just for a memory refresher, are the makers of Apple’s original mouse. Ford asked Ideo to make the design universally applicable on its entire range of cars. And Ideo, on their part, decided to take inspiration from the a combination of gadgets. The project was codenamed HAL, and the designers got down to work after interviewing not just drivers but a lot of airplane pilots and even A.T.M. users! This was to get a  pulse of what the consumers really wanted.

The dashboard interface which has emerged looks brilliant. There is a five point controller on the steering wheel- with four directional arrows and a central button. The idea is to not force the user to take his eyes off the road as he can use this with his thumb.
The 8-inch display has color divided sections- yellow and orange for phone connectivity and usage; blue for the in-car climate control, green for GPS and navigation and red for the in-car entertainment system. However, this system does not offer any dedicated connectivity options for the Apple devices.

This layout could see minor modifications depending on the car and the model, but will largely remain the same.


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