Mercedes Benz set to debut new roof in the SLK 2012

Mercedes Benz is all set to jazz up the next version of it’s SLK with a bit of never before seen technology. The car will be unveiled at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.
The SLK will come fitted with something known as Magic Sky Control, which allows the glass roof to become transparent or dark by the touch of a single button control. This is the Electrochromic roof which will be offered as an option when the car goes on sale later next year.
Mercedes says that the Magic Sky “is based on the physics of a plate condenser: if the glass is subjected to an electrical voltage, particles position themselves so that light is able to pass through the glass. If the voltage remains switched off, the particles position themselves randomly which blocks the light, and the glass remains dark.”
Basically, if it’s winter and you want a bit of sunlight, make the roof transparent and if it’s the peak summer, just darken it…it’s that simple!

In addition to the unique panoramic effect and transparency at the touch of a button, MAGIC SKY CONTROL also provides a top-class wellness atmosphere. UV and infrared light are alsoeffectively blocked in transparent mode, while insulation increases even more significantly and noticeably in darkened mode, thereby helping to keep the temperature on interior parts such asarmrests cooler by up to 10 degrees Celsius compared with conventional green glass.


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