Microsoft Patch Tuesday patches 49 vulnerabilities

Microsoft has had a very busy Patch Tuesday! 49 vulnerabilities needed to be patched- spread across Windows OS, Office suites and the (inevitable?) IE patch.
6 of the 49 vulnerabilities were classified by Microsoft as critical. The critical rating is given only to vulnerabilities which pose the risk of hackers remotely executing some malicious software on the PC.
Also, the Patch Tuesday updates managed to sew up the vulnerability in the XP operating system, which was used to unleash the Stuxnet worm with the hope of disrupting Iran’s nuclear program.
With 49 vulnerabilities being patched this Tuesday, this is the largest patch release ever for Microsoft, beatuing the previous record of 34 set in October 2009, June 2010 and August 2010.
So much for Microsoft’s new software being secure…eh?


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