Philips launches new LCD and LED televisions

Philips India has announced a new range of flat panel televisions. The new range are the LCD and the LED type. These televisions are an addition to the Cinema 21:9 range.

Neeraj Sethi, Chief Operating Officer – Philips Televisions in India, PE Electronics Ltd said, At Philips, we are committed to our goal of becoming the leading television brand by 2012 and are confident that the new range of televisions launched are a step in that direction. Going forward we intend to bring in best of products and technologies from our international stable that would redefine the premium television market in India.

The new LCD range spans from 24-inch to 46-inch screen sizes and the new LED television range is between 24-inches and 55-inches screen sizes. All new televisions have a Full HD (1920×1080) screen resolution.

All televisions come with the Natural Light 2 Engine which reduces the power consumption by adjusting the brightness of the picture on the screen in accordance with the room lighting. The LCD range also gets the DDHD3E technology for warmer colors and better contrast.


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