Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation) 8GB review

It is an internationally recognized fact that whenever Apple launches anything, the excitement generated is immense. And the iPod’s are no less.

When Apple launched the new iPod Touch range recently (along with the heavily redesigned Nano and the new Shuffle), it was an anticipation to see how much does the new Touch get from the iPhone4. And the answer is- it did get a lot of those features.

Packaging and Contents

True to Apple’s tradition of packing products, there is not an inch of space wasted in the package. The iPod Touch sits on the top shelf of the completely transparent plastic box, while below the iPod Touch’s shelf is the headphones, data cable and some manuals.

First Impression

The new iPod Touch carries over the form factor from the previous generation, and not inspired by the new iPhone4. The familiar looks, the familiar silver back and the glossy body is still as much a fingerprint and scratch magnet as it always was. But being the iPod family, there are literally a million cases, skins and pouches available for to protect this shiny device.

The new Touch gets a camera at the front as well, apart from the back. There are volume control buttons on the side, while the 3.5mm jack remains at the bottom, next to the sync port. The sleep/power button is at the top.


The iPod Touch is best in what it is supposed to do- play music. The music menu and layout has been slightly tweaked in this generation, thanks to the new iOs4 which this iPod comes with. The audio output quality is pristine as ever.

The Retina display has a much higher resolution than we have seen till now on the Touch range- 960×640. This new display has vastly improved the quality od visuals we see on the screen. Watching videos will be a delight.

The camera is an efficient 720p HD video recorder with good quality videos coming out at the end of it all. The photos are another story. The camera likes it when in natural light, but any sudden changes to the brightness or even darkish environments makes images a bit grainy. The front camera is good for video, which is essential since it has been primarily installed for FaceTime use. To video chat using FaceTime, you will need to register for an Apple ID.

Watching videos on the iPod Touch is a delight. The new Retina Display makes a lot of difference in terms of the video playback.

Games are becoming even more graphics intensive since Apple wants the Touch to become a portable gaming platform in its own right. The new A4 processor does a good job since the games don’t stutter-n particularly when playing racing games.

The battery will last you more than a day of continuous music listening. It does come down a bit if Wi-Fi is switched on or you are watching videos/movies.

However, there are some issues with the new iPod Touch experience. The traditional white colored earphones are still as bad as earlier. You will need a good set of earphones or headphones with this beauty. The white ones are not only a little uncomfortable but also do not offer as good an audio playback quality as some reasonably priced Sennheiser earphones do.

Secondly, the silver back can get scratched very easily. Apple should provide a protector- both for the back as well as the screen as a part of the package.

Third, you are still stuck with iTunes- for syncing music and video.


The new iPod Touch is great. It will be a great buy for a first time buyer, an actual performance and experience upgrade for someone who is already using a previous gen Touch and a definite buy for someone who is an Apple fan and wants to buy all generations of this media player anyway!

Price- Rs 15400 (8GB version)


Portable media player
8GB storage
iOS4 software
3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen
Retina Display
Audio and Video playback
Video camera with 720p HD video recording
Front facing camera for FaceTime app
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Sync via iTunes


– Amazing performance

– Retina display is great

– Battery life is fantastic

– HD video recording is a real bonus


– Still a scratch magnet

– The standard white earphones are just not good


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