Happy Birthday, Windows 7!

Microsoft Windows 7 is one year old! And since it’s launch one year back, Microsoft’s latest PC operating system- Windows 7, has sold over 240 million licenses.

After the debacle of Windows Vista, Microsoft was heavily dependent on Windows 7 doing well, and these figures do indicate that it has exceeeded expectations, at least in some circles.

I think Windows 7 has exceeded expectations, said Gavriella Schuster, general manager of Windows Product Management. People from the very beginning have had an optimistic forecast. I actually felt in the beginning we needed to temper expectations a bit but a year later, we re on track. We re right where we thought we would be. It s been a good year it s a year to celebrate.

Windows 7, since the beta and RTM (Release To Manufacture) stage, has been receiving positive reviews. Microsoft offered Windows 7 upgrade packs to PC and laptop buyers just before the OS was launched.

The primary win, the reason why Windows 7 is so successful, is because of the phenomenal engineering effort, she said. We delivered what we said we were going to deliver, when we said we would deliver it, with very high quality.

Overall, consumers are happy with the performance, stability and new features offered in Windows 7, particularly after the disaster Windows Vista turned out to be!


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