Festival Season special: Gadget Gift guide

The annual festive season is upon us. And this is when we see the emergence of two categories of people- those who can decide what gifts to buy and those who have no clue what to buy!

Since I fall in the second category, understanding and relating to that predicament is quite easy. Hence, to help all the geeks from this category, here is a list of the best gadget gifts you can give to your near and dear ones. Also, we are not stopping you from gifting any of these to yourself as well!

The New Apple iPods: Don’t need to say too much about the iPods, correct?! The numero uno portable media player in the world, the entire range has become even sleeker, slimmer, smarter and more desirable with the new update. Gift someone the ultimate portable media player…gift someone an iPod. Prices start at Rs 3k.

Sony A Series walkman: Sony’s new Walkman avtaar comes loaded with an OLED screen and lot’s of storage. Competing directly with the iPod Nano. Comes with an amazing OLED screen and is not restricted to an iTunes type software. Range starts at Rs 9k.
Sony Digital Photo Frame: Digital photo frames are a rage, and what better way to display your photoes than on the best of the frames out there. It does not burn a hole in your pocket with the price- range starts ar Rs 4k.


Samsung 9000 3D LED Television: It looks fantastic, is slimmer than you can imagine, Full HD resolution and can even do 3D! What else could anyone want from a Tv. The 55-inch beauty costs just over 4 lacs, and will be perfect for the home theater you want to set up.

HP v165w Mini USB drive: Good things don’t need to always come in big packages. This 4GB pen drive from HP is not only very tiny, but still manages to pack in 4Gb storage space. Perfect gift for someone who listens to music in the car using a USB drive. Costs about Rs 400.


Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive: Do you have a relative/friend who downloads a lot of movies/TV series from the world wide web? It is inevitable that they store all this on a portable or external hard drive. And what is also inevitable is that they will be running out of space anytime now. Get the loved one a portable hard drive from Seagate. This one is even upgradeable to USB 3.0 and the range starts at Rs 5200. Available in 320GB, 500GB and 1TB storage sizes.

WD Live HD media player: If your loved one falls in the above discussed category of being a movie download addict, the best thing is to get this person a WD Live HD media player. This will read videos off the connected hard drive and display all videos upscaled to Full HD on the flat panel television which is cconencted to it via an HDMI cable. Costs a tad more than Rs 8k, but is nirvana for High Definition fans.

Philips BDP3000 BluRay player: Know someone who has a high definition television, and still not jumped on the Blu-Ray bandwagon? That’s a shame! Get this BluRay player from Philips, help his television by pairing it with the latest movie disc format and get the latest BluRay discs for the next movie marathon this weekend!

Best BluRay Discs: First off, don’t miss out on the James Bond movies. The action flicks look amazing in BluRay- Iron Man and Transformers. Disney’s Cars will be a favorite, if the home has even a single person of the Kid variety! I know only two people who have not seen Moonraker on Boxing Day- The Stig and myself! Don’t add your loved ones to that list.
Tata Sky HD DTH service: Continuing on the High Definition path, are any of your loved ones sports freaks? Or does any one of them wake up everyday just to watch the saas Bahu serials? Get them the Tata Sky HD set top box, costs just over Rs 2.5k. Star Plus in HD along with sports channels in HD on an event to event basis.

JBL Creature III speakers: Darth Vader’s helmet shall grace someone’s room, if you do decide to gift this amazing set of speakers to someone. Not only are they small-ish, but also look amazingly good. For just a bit less than Rs 5k, you will help add a soundtrack to someone’s life!

Dell Streak: Is this a smartphone? Is this a tablet? Well, it has Android, is feature rich, and is the most interesting phone to arrive on our shores in a while. Will cost just above Rs 36k, but may be worth it with all the attention it will garner at the next party your loved one attends.

Games: I am so sure that a cousin in your family will be a hardcore gamer. Why not get them what they wish for- the latest game title? Well, the Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 may finally arrive in stores sometime this November. Halo Reach will be a good bet for Xbox users. Also available across platforms are the two new sports based games- Fifa 11 and Formula-1 2010.

Sony Vaio E- series laptop: This is also known as the colorful laptop. Available in colors like black, white, blue, pink and green- both matte and glossy finish options available. The price of the E-series laptops will depend on the configuration you buy.

Canon Ixus 1000HS: This is the latest snapper added to the Ixus range. Canon has added the Full HD movie recording capability to this. Slightly expensive AT rS 26K, but will not fall short on performance.


All the rest of you out there, good luck trying to find the perfect gift from such a huge variety of stuff out there. I don’t think there is such thing as a “perfect gift”, but then again, this could be because I have no clue what to pick!


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