Seagate GoFlex TV media player review

In a world which is moving quickly from Standard Definition to High Definition, even standard DVD and media players are dying a slow painful death. Why? Because the upscaling ones are here!

Simply put, what an upscaling media player essentially does is that it processes any video file, adds some cocaine to it, and makes it look almost as good an an actual High Definition video! Magic? No. Genius? Yes.

The successor to the Seagate FreeAgent Media Player is the GoFlex TV HD Media Player. How good is it? Let’s descend into the High Definition world to find out!

Packaging and Contents

The media player box had umm…the media player, the power adapter and various plug pins, manuals and the remote. Also included are the composite and component video cables.

First Impression

From the images I had seen of the device, the GoFlex TV media player seemed very glossy. But how deceptive the photos can be! The media player is actually mostly matte finish, with just the border side panel being glossy. The front panel can be opened to slide in the Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive. However, you cannot slot in any other hard drive here.

The rear panel has a USB input, HDMI out, LAN port, Optical audio out and the power point. On one side panel is another USB input to connect the hard drive.


The GoFlex TV media player is essentially the device which reads media files off the USB drive, connects to the TV (for best results, via HDMI cable) and upscales all video content to HD, if the TV is compatible.

I connected my 320GB portable hard drive using the USB input at the back (and with time, even the side input) and the drive was immediately detected.

The interface of the GoFlex TV shows up drives and any network connected storage, and selecting any will show up the contents of that particular drive. I had made multiple folders in my drive, and all showed up. Even the ones which did not have any multimedia files (only documents or application set up packs) showed up! But no matter.

The video upscale quality is brilliant. The menu had the auto resolution mode option, but I set it specifically 1080p. The colors were warm and there were no rough edges to the video content which was upscaled or even to direct HD video playback.

The GoFlex TV can play almost any audio and video format thrown at it. I tried normal AVI files, MKVs, MP4 and even M2TS, and they all were churned out without any problems. No problems with audio- whatever the format, as well since this media player handles almost all audio containers.

The front panel of the media player opens and there is the slot to put in a Seagate GoFlex harddrive, if one has that. If yes, then you can essentially connect 3 hard drives to it simultaneously.

The connectivity options include both wired and wireless. Plug in the LAN cable into the LAN port and you can access media on any network shared drives. If you want to use the wireless method however, you will need a wireless adapter which will plug into one of the USB ports.

Using any of the network connectivity options to log on to the Internet, users can access You Tube, Picasa, Mediafly, Flickr and some widgets.


The Seagate GoFlex TV matches it’s rivals to the fullest, even in terms of price. It will play back all video formats that are thrown at it, in full High Definition glory. Get access to YouTube (among other sources) via this device itself. This is one for those who pray to the Gods of High Definition!

Price- Rs 8,750


– High Definition media player
– HDMI 1.3, composite and Component video out
– Full HD (1920×1080) video upscale
– YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Widgets access
– Wired and Wireless connectivity options
– 2 USB connectivity ports
– Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive exclusive dock


– Video upscale quality
– Dedicated dock for Seagate GoFlex portable drive
– Full network connectivity
– Plays almost every audio and video format


– None


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