Zebronics Zebmate20 mp3 player review

We had recently carried the news that Sony has officially killed the original cassette walkman. And even though it was an emotional moment for a few people, what Sony did was because of a reason- new new gen portable mp3 players.

The new tiny gadgets have changed the way people carry their music. The size of a thumb drive, they can carry a lot more music than anyone can actually care to consume at one time, and they can keep blaring out tunes for anywhere between 2-5 days, depending on the battery life.

The Zebronics Zebmate20 is a part of this new generation army which forced Sony to take the Walkman decision.

In a market crowded with media players, lets find out how good this one is.

Packaging and Contents

The Zebmate20 comes with a USB cable, a USB power adapter for charging via the wall power socket, some manuals and black colored earphones. The box pack, once you remove the outer jacket, is dressed in zebra stripes!

Initial Impression

The Zebmate20 is no bigger than a USB drive, and the one I received for review was the one with a mix of red and black color. There is the USB connectivity port at one end of the player. The two side panels have been kept busy too- power on/off slider and the volume buttons on one side and the 3.5mm headphone jack on the other side.


The Zebmate20 has a 1 inch display which is flanked by the navigation and playback control buttons. The screen is decent enough for manu navigation.

The navigation through the menu is straightforward. All navigation is done using the 4 buttons, and it may take some time to get used to it.

I transferred audio to the media player using the drag and drop feature after connecting the Zebmate20 to the PC. Data transfer- which included about 4 to 5 audio album folders- transferred at speeds between 3Mb/s and 5Mb/s.

Audio playback quality is good, and so is FM playback. What the Zebmate also does is display text files as well. Quite useful if you want to carry around some information in a short text file.

The battery life is good, and should last you about a full day of continous music listening. Even the wall charger is provided, so that you don’t need to run to the PC whenever a battery charge is needed.

However, the only issue is with the earphones which are provided with the mp3 player. They are not only uncomfortable to use, but sound really bad. I used a set to Sennheiser earphones, and that is when the Zebmate20 really came into full form.


For a price if Rs 1850 for a 2GB mp3 player, with a screen, this is a great deal. The onlt thing is- you should ideally get a good pair of earphones for use with this one, because the ones provided in the box are really bad. Rest, this one even has a screen, which some more popular rivals don’t!

Price- Rs 1850


– Portable mp3 player
– 2GB storage space
– 1 inch screen
– USB 2.0 connectivity
– Drag and Drop file transfer
– 3.5mm headphone jack
– Text file reader
– FM Radio
– Recording capable


– Good build Quality
– Display assists smooth menu navigation


– Headphones provided with the mp3 player are really bad


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