A Boom-box in my hands!


Tech-Com SSD-600-USB portable speaker review
Remember the days when people used to carry the ultra large boom box on their shoulders, blaring music from it, as they went along? That was mostly the 80s, a time when it was a completely free world, or so I am told!

But times have changed, and things have become portable in the truest sense. Speakers, definitely. Do we need to carry huge boomboxes around anymore? Definitely not. Particularly if you have gotten yourself one of these.

Packaging and Contents

The SSD-600-USB speaker is packed much better than I had expected it to be! The speaker itself comes in a protective blanket. Also included in the box is a remote control, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable and a USB cable.

First Impression

Straight out of the box, the SSD-600-USB does look an impressive package. The red and black color combo lends it an aggressive look. On the right of the speaker are the three buttons- for volume control as well as pause/stop/next/back. The side panel has a host of ports. There is the USB input, a memory card slot, an Aux-in port, the USB/power port and the traditional on/off switch!


To be honest, I had not expected too much from this portable speaker. But, must say I was in for a surprise when I did fire up this speaker for the first time.

Plugged in a 16GB USB drive and it started playing music off it after about just a couple of seconds. The sound quality was really good, with tonnes of clarity mixed with a fair dosage of bass. For a speaker this size, reproducing any amount of bass, however little it may be, is very very difficult. But this little monster did! This is true for low and mid volume ranges, but turn it up too high, and the audio tends to become a bit edgy. However, cannot hold this as a drawback, keeping in mind the speaker size.

The next/back and the volume up/down buttons right next to the speaker are the same, so it may get a bit confusing at first. But one press does the track change bit while long pressing the buttons controls the volume.

The built-in battery lasts about 4 hours, but that depends on the volume you play the audio at.

Apart from the USB, the SSD-600-USB also can play back audio off a memory card, via any external source connected via the 3.5mm jack or even the PC when connected via the USB port. The USB port charges the speaker’s built-in battery as well. And before I forget, there is FM Radio thrown into the mix as well!


The SSD-600-USB does offer really good performance for a price which is not earth shatterting. Is powerful enough for use in a small room and also will work with well in a small gathering. Good quality audio in a truly portable form factor.

Price- Rs 1299


2.1 channel speaker
Portable speaker type
Remote Control
Audio playback off USB and SD card
FM Radio
3.5MM input for connecting external sources
Connect to PC
Charge via USB
Built-in battery


– Good Performance
– Ultra-Portable form factor
– Capable of audio playback from various sources


– None




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