Reliance launches 3G website

Reliance Communications has unveiled it’s dedicated 3G webpage. This is a sign that Reliance’s 3G services may be on the way, very soon.

The webpage gives out details on services like Video Calling, wireless broadband, mobile TV, online gaming and even an app store. The webpage offers detailed FAQs on 3G, how 3G is different from 2G and some compelling pointers on why someone should shift to from 2G. Interested customers can also fill up the online query form to get the latest updates regarding the service.

It was recently that Tata DoCoMo announced they will be launching 3G services around Diwali. Airtel are also set to launch services before the year end. Vodafone, however, will be launching 3G services early next year.


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  1. Finally! A deep sigh…Hope other telcos too pull up their socks for the launch of 3G!Its high time…

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