Swiss Knife for your data backups!

Amkette Flash Link backup device 

There is no other way of putting this- data backup is hell.

No matter what you do, when the inevitable system crash happens, you will find that the most crucial data was not backup up. What rotten luck, you will think.

Not if you have this device to backup the data. Essentially, what you need to do is sync your data between PCs, and you are set.

Packaging and Contents

The Flash Link device comes in an unassuming package, with all the features clearly listed on the package itself. From the outside, this looks like a pen drive, but a closer look will reveal a long cable on the back of the package, indicating something more complicated!

First Impression

Apart from looking like a pen drive, the Amkette Flash Link looks a bit complicated and daunting to use. But trust me, it is not.


Plug it in to one PC, allow it to do the auto-detect routine which Windows does and let it install. Takes less than a minute. Once this is done, the autoplay menu will allow you to start the Flash Link software. The software will offer lots of options, including full sync, mail backup and even individual file or folder transfer.

The cable connecting the device from one PC to the other PC is long enough if both PCs are kept pretty close to each other. However, if the PC is on the other side of the room, then this won’t be long enough! But then again, this device is not meant for transfering data between PCs which are far away from

The only little niggle I have with this device is that the software can be a little complicated for most users to understand at first. A little simpler interface would have helped make it easier for basic users to understand. Maybe a software update in the future can solve this issue.

The file transfer speeds are constant around 20MB/s, which is pretty much what a USB 2.0 portable hard drive would achieve, approx.


The Flash Link Device is meant for almost anyone and everyone who needs to sync and backup data between PCs. At this price, you have no excuse for not keeping copies of your data!


Flash Link sync and backup device

USB 2.0

Syncs files and folders

Backup Outlook mails

Works with Windows XP, 200, Vista and Win 7

Complete backup solution

Excellent price

Software interface could be a little simpler

Price: Rs 990


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