Tablet device wars- Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Dell Streak


The battle of the Tablets has finally reached its most violent point. Smartphones, netbooks and even some Tablets themselves are getting injured in the process!

Two of the latest warriors, who joined the fray just some days back, do add two very competent rivals to the entire tablet ecosystem.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell’s foray into the smartphone world- Dell Streak.

The two products, even though they are tablets, are hugely different. One look at both and you can’t find almost anything identical on the two- except the screen, probably! That’s how different they are.

A deeper inspection of the specs reveals both devices are running on Google’s smartphone operating system- Android. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with Android 2.2, the Dell Streak originally came with Android 1.6. But now Dell is pushing the 2.2 update for existing users and shipping new units with 2.2 version.

Power is not an issue for both, since they have the 1GHz processor. Samsung uses the Cortex A8 processor while Dell has the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, also seen on many high end smartphones.

Screen sizes and resolutions vary a lot. Samsung’s Tab has a 7 inch screen with a max resolution of 1024×600. Dell has kept the Streak’s form factor smaller with a 5 inch screen at a maximum resolution of 800×480.

In terms of being a snapper, both devices come with front and back facing cameras. Galaxy Tab gets a 3MP camera at the rear, and a 1.3MP camera at the front- mostly for video chats. Dell has a 5MP camera at the back, while the VGA camera in the front may not be the best thing to have done!

What is similar is that both devices have the complete array of wireless connectivity options- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but the Galaxy Tab takes the march in both regards- Wireless “n” capable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0, as against Bluetooth 2.1 on the Streak.

Looking at the spec sheet, both devices look extremely competent and powerful. The Samsung tablet is priced at Rs 38k while the Dell Streak is marginally less expensive at Rs 36k. I am looking forward to doing a complete review of both these devices.


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