Style, for that Handsfree call!


Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset review.

There are Bluetooth headsets. And then there are some more Bluetooth headsets. And then there is the Plantronics Discovery 975. If only every headset looked so good.

Packaging and Contents

The Discovery 975 comes in a package which is partly transparent and partly opaque. The pack includes the headset, the charging case, the charger and some manuals.

First Impression

On the first look, the headset impresses straightaway with it’s edgy and sharp looks. The finish is really good quality, with a combination of black and gray colors.

The charging case has a leather-ish feel to it. The case has the MicroUSB port on the side, to connect the charger to. On the front is the display which shows the battery levels of both the charging case battery as well as the headset (if that is docked).


The moment you wear the Discovery 975, you realize that this one is more comfortable than a lot of other headsets out there. Pairing the headset with the phone is as simple as a walk in the park. Switch on bluetooth in the phone, keep the pairing button on the headset pressed for 5 seconds and the pairing process gets completed on the phone screen menu.

The sound quuality put out by the headset is quite good. The AudioIQ and the Wind Smart Technologies which Plantronics have loaded on this device do make a difference in terms of the sound quality- for the better!

Even in a noise environment, I had no problem listening to the person on the other end of the line, nor did they.

The battery life is good. Full charge to full discharge happened after about 4 hours of usage. The case can charge the headset on the move, and fully charge the device in about 2 hours.


The Plantronics Discovery 975 is a great bluetooth headset- performance, style and a great charging case. If the price of Rs 5490 does not seem too much for you, then this may be the one to buy.

Price- Rs 5490


Wireless headset for the phone
Bluetooth type
Dual Mic AudioIQ technology
WindSmart technology
Carry case with charging capability
Pairs with any bluetooth phone


– Good performance
– Fantastic looks


– May be a bit pricey for some


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