Performance, in a small package

Fenda Audio V520 Portable Speaker 

Portable speakers are in huge demand in this day and age, not only because they are portable, but also because they can be used at home without them consuming a lot of space.

Not only do they offer pretty good performance, but also take up very minimal space, which is a critical for most users these days keeping in mind the shrinking space at homes.

But has the small form factor also hurt performance? Or not? Let’s find out.

Package and Contents

The V520 came in a tiny box pack (Yes, some hard drives come in bigger packages!), with the cables attached to the speakers themselves, and some manuals and warranty information.

First Impression

The V520 speakers look really compact at first sight, and for good reason- they are! The two speakers are dressed in glossy black color on the front, a grey border on all sides and matte finish at the back. They are 2.0 channel speakers, and are small enough to be carries around on a backpack or with the laptop. They will also look at home with your desktop!

The two speakers are powered by the USB cable, and audio sources (including the laptop) are connected via the 3.5mm audio connector.


In terms of audio performance, these compact speakers offer a lot. Clarity, irrespective of the audio type, will be excellent. I listened to quite a few genres of music, and the clarity was excellent in all.

I had connected to a laptop to blast tunes to the V520. The setup was almost non existent. The speakers derived power from the USB port I had plugged the USB power into, and the 3.5mm cable pulled the songs.

The speakers were a delight, right from the outset. Even though they have no dedicated volume controls, the volume is managed from the source connected to them.

The bass levels offered by these tiny speakers was quite decent, even though not a lot. The lack of any treble and bass controls did not hurt either, since everything is controlled from the source!

The only little drawback I can find with these speakers is the lack of a volume control, either on one of the speakers or the audio cable. It would have just made life a bit more convenient!


For this price, these speakers are a steal. Forget the few missing elements- the lack of volume or audio tweak controls. The performance to price deal on offer is simply brilliant. Go for this if you want speakers to carry around with your laptop or to plug in to your desktop and fill a small-ish room with tunes! Get this if you want to buy a simple set of speakers.

Price- Rs 690


2.0 channel speaker system
USB powered
Portable type
2 inch Neodymium driver
3.5MM audio connector
2 Watt x 2 power output
PC, Notebook, MP3 player compatible


Very good performance
Superb price


No dedicated volume or audio tweak controls


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