Are these Red Bull’s coded team orders?

Red Bull’s technical chief Adrian Newey has urged their driver Sebastian Vettel to be “magnanimous”, if he is in a position to help teammate Mark Webber become the 2010 Formula-1 World Champion.

With the final race in Abu Dhabi on the horizon, Webber trails the current leader Fernando Alonso by 8 points. Vettel is third in the championship, 15 points behind the leader.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Red Bull were the loudest in the attack on Ferrari after the “Fernando is faster than you. Felipe, do you understand?” episode at Hockenheim. However, as things have panned out, Ferrari’s decision that day sees Fernando leading the world championship, 5 points more than if they had not asked Massa to help the teammate. And that was the only good race Massa has had all year!

I would’ve preferred to see a McLaren driver become world champion, but in the current scenario, I am fully behind Fernando Alonso. Red Bull remind me of the likes of Everton and Manchester City– very noisy, yet rubbish. And it would be a pity of their ‘coded’ team orders help one of their drivers win the title.


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