Great speakers; only lack a big brand name


Fenda Audio A520 speakers

Well, it is a fact that almost everyone who has a desktop PC at home has connected an external speaker system to it. Be it the portable ones, standard 2.0 channel ones or bigger.

The 2.1 channel speakers are probably the most popular, since they tend to offer a wholesome listening experience thanks to the woofer!

Fenda Audio sent the A520 speakers for review. They are 2.1 channel type speakers- two speakers and a sub. How good are these? Let’s find out.

Package and Contents

The box pack contains the two speakers, the sub woofer, two aux cables to connect other devices with, and some manuals.

First Impression

The A520 look pretty standard at first look. Dresses in matte black finish, combined with dollops of grey, they look classy. And since they are not glossy, thankfully, you won’t have to worry about them getting scratched.

The sub has a wooden case, quite expectedly. Good thing, because with the solid casing, the bass reproduction will be better. The speakers are in a plastic case, but feel quite solid, nevertheless.

The two speakers don’t have the removable front grille, whichh a lot of rival products offer. Even though that does not serve much purpose in terms of performance, it just adds to the look of the product.


Setting up the speakers is a breeze. All cables are provided in the box pack, and the length of the cables is decently long enough to allow users to place the speakers where they want, at most times.

Connect the Speakers to the ports on the sub, connect the audio in cable with an external device (I connected them with the iPod and the laptop, but you can connect devices like a TV, Gaming console or even a DVD player), plug in the power and you are good to go.

The sub, basically, has all the controls. The volume, bass and power switches are near the in-out ports.

Switched on the A520 for the first time and went about with doing my routine work imagining that these speakers will be standard run of the mill ones and shall keep playing music effortlessly in the background. But how wrong I was! And for the better. The V520 made me stop whatever else I was doing and I was looking at the speakers for a couple of minutes with an expression of shock and awe (or so I assume!). Please allow me to explain.

The 2.1 channel speakers usually focus on delivering clear voice, and thus don’t focus too much on the bass output. For a bass addict like me, that has always been a turnoff. The A520 ones were not only delivering good clear vocals, but pumping out some really powerful bass. Further pumping up of the volume made the blood flow even faster! Tweaking the bass via the knob on the sub allows users the ability to manage the punch they want in the audio. To test it fully, I turned the knob to full, volume level to about 90% and went into the next room. The audio was seamlessly penetrating the walls, with absolutely no loss of clarity. The speakers have a max volume output of 5000W P.M.P.O., and for good reason! Fantastic, for speakers which cost Rs 3490!

And since I was testing these speakers at 7am in the morning, my day was made!

Essentially, you can place these speakers in one room, and be rest assured that the volume level will be good enough for a house party!

However, there are some niggles. First and foremost, the A520 does not have a remote control. It is expected that the user will control the volume from the device which has been conencted, but that is a little inconvenient. A remote would have made things better.

Second, the speaker cables are connected internally on the speaker. The drawback of such a setup is that if the cable gets damaged even slightly, then the speaker is pretty much ruined.

Third, all controls are at the back of the sub, and access to these is a little difficult. Volume control on one of the speakers would have made matters easier to deal with!


At a price of Rs 3540, you cannot go wrong if you do buy these speakers. The performance is excellent, and the build quality is solid. Buy these if you need speakers for the PC at home, or just someting to plug your phone, mp3 player or TV to, for the want of better sound.

Price- Rs 3490


Multimedia speakers
2.1 channel type
5000W P.M.P.O
6.5 inch sub
4 inch satellite speakers
Wooden cabinet for sub
Compatible with Mp3 players, phones, PC and TV
Subwoofer Frequency response: 20Hz~120Hz
Satellite Frequency response: 120 Hz~20KHz
Output power (RMS): 16Watt x 2 + 20Watt


Superb audio clarity even at high volumes
Powerful bass
Solid build


No remote control
Volume control placed on the sub is difficult to reach




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