Basic projector for a big screen experience


Viewsonic PJD6221 Projector

No matter how big flat panel televisions may become, there is a completely different charm of watching a movie on a projector.

Recently, we have seen a lot of High Definition projectors arrive on the scene. But the large majority of projectors are still the Standard Definition ones, largely because they are priced a lot less than the fancy HD ones!

The Viewsonic PJD6221 is one such projector. At a price of Rs 49799, this projector is not HD capable, as expected. But on the spec sheet, it does look like a very capable performer. Let’s see if it actually is one such projector.

Package and Contents

The projector comes along with the RGB cable, power cable, remote control, the Wizard software disc and some usage guides.

First Impression

Take the projector out of the packaging and you will be greeted by an elegant and classy design. Even though it may seem bulkier when compared to some other projectors, it is not really that in reality. Maybe the black color gives it the muscle!

The menu, source and control buttons are on the top panel, with the power button and the Lamp/Temp indicator lights. The ventilation vents are there on both side panels, and for a good measure.

The rear panel has the audio and video in/out ports and the power input, LAN as well as USB (for service) ports.

The top panel is a mixture of the glossy black and the brushed metal finish. The contrasting blacks do give the PJD6221 a classy look.


I hooked up the projector to my laptop to enjoy a dose of the best car show in the world- Top Gear!

The maximum resolution offered by this projector is 1024×768, which is not HD by any sense of the imagination, but managed to blow it up to about 50 inches without any loss in picture quality and color depth.

The setup is simple. Plug and play on the laptop and you are good to go. However, be advised, this projector gets really warm after a while. Most do, but this one does too. And when it does, it blows out warm air from the sides like a blower!

Best is to use this projector in an airconditioned room, to prevent it from becoming too warm.

The image reproduced on the wall was extremely clear, with the right mixture of sharpness and color depth. All settings are also configurable via the menu. Users can also configure settings like white intesity, which may be useful on some walls which are not pure white in color.


The PJD6221 offers a good value for money of you are looking for a projector without HD capabilities. At a price of a shade under Rs 50000, this can blow up images up to 60 inches. You might want to but this, just for the bnig screen size viewing experience it can offer!

Price- Rs 49799


Multimedia projector
2700 lumens brightness
2800:1 contrast ratio
Resolution of 1024×768
2 RGB inputs
1 RGB out
1 RCA jack
1 3.5mm jack






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