Oh dear, a new song is available. Rot in hell, Apple

Fans woke up early (or stayed up late in this part of the world) for Apple’s “world will never be the same” announcement. Some expected to see iTunes streaming, some expected a completely new software update and some expected cloud based storage options.

But No. What Apple delivered was “Beatles are now available on iTunes” announcement. Well, who cares? They may have been the biggest band of all time, but this current generation doesn’t care. It is essentially music from an era which they consider as “old”. How this is going to change the world is something which Apple may need to explain, but is certainly not worth all the pre-event hype.


And the worst part is, hyper people expect us to be “Live” with it. I strongly urge Apple, and others (the PR machinery included), to stop the madness and let us journalists live our lives in peace for a while- not that we get too much of that as it is. Don’t make a bloody hype about every new song which arrives on your store, or every little update to some stupid software or some announcement about some future announcement. If you have nothing to do, please go to Afghanistan and Iraq and help end the war. Be of some bloody use.


About Vishal Mathur

Geek by day, heavy sleeper by night!

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