Apple A6X SoC production reportedly shifted from Samsung to TSMC

All the patent wars are finally taking their toll. It is no secret that Samsung still manufactures a lot of components for Apple products. But the Cupertino giant is reportedly shifting the production of the quad-core A6X SoC from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Apple A6X chip

However, this is still not etched in stone, as the production trial will begin during Q1 2013 to see if TSMC can deliver the volumes Apple requires. If all goes through smoothly, the A6X processor will most likely use TSMC’s 20nm manufacturing process. This is to ensure that volumes can be delivered since Apple wants to introduce the A6X in future iPad versions, Apple TV and even the MacBook. The first processors from TSMC could be seen as early as the next updates for the iPad and the iPad Mini.

For those of you who aren’t aware of TSMC, it is the world’s largest independent semiconductor manufacturer. It is already working closely with Apple for the 20nm process manufactured A7 SoC.

It is actually not surprising that Apple has moved away from Samsung. The two have been in fairly aggressive courtroom battles regarding patents. It was only in August 2012 that a U.S. judge asked Samsung to pay US $ 1 billion to Apple for infringing some patents on iOS devices.



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