Asaram Bapu’s solution to rape. Laughable.

Yet another day, yet another ridiculous comment. We have already heard that Bharat and India are different, by the RSS supremo. We have been told that women are Dented and Painted. Also, we have been told that Biharis are rapists, by his excellency, Mr Raj Thackeray. Now, Mr. Godman, Asaram Bapu has given his solution to the problem of rape. If you are getting raped, the magic word is “brother”. Oh, really?

From what I hear, Mr. Bapu says that the girl who was brutally gang-raped in the moving bus in New Delhi should have “begged before the guys to stop” and “called them brothers”. This would have made the monsters stop and let the girl go. If any of you believe what Mr. Asaram has said is a workable pattern, I am afraid but you deserve to be de-limbed as painfully as possible. The biggest problem is cowards talk loudly most of the time, and then hide behind ladies, children, religion or illness to save themselves when the going gets tough. In this case, I am dead sure that the self proclaimed Godman will hide behind the “media twisted my statement” routine.

Why does the Godman not keep his mouth shut? Simply because when everyone else is on TV, how can he be left behind? One of the reasons for this craving is because of low self-esteem. The second is what we generally term as “attention whore”. Oops sorry, “brother”!! How would Mr So-called Godman fare when put in a bus with 6 drunk gay monsters? Not very nicely, I would imagine. Neither do I believe that this theory of begging before the brothers to stop would save the Godman. But then again, it is not as if we are going to see this delightful spectacle in real life. We all wish we could though, don’t we?

These religious characters have it going rather easy for them. First up, they get all possible tax exemptions in the name of religion. This is the same Godman who squatted in the forests around Delhi Ridge and made that land his, by default. Their goons do whatever they like, and no one can say anything, because they will immediately hide behind the excuse of religion.

Before I finish, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. The Government has set up that special womens’ helpline. Essentially, what the elected leaders are telling us is – if you are getting raped, please call the helpline. Are you f#@*%ng kidding me? Where does that leave Mr Godman? Better off than all of us, trust me. We will pull our hair out with despair and incredulity, but he will continue laughing his way to the bank. All expectations of change in this country are based on what is essentially a swamp. Because, Bharat has already washed its hands off this change/revolution.

P.S.: I do wish Mr Asaram Bapu ends up on Times Now. That grilling by Arnab Goswami will be worth watching. Surely, would make it completely worthwhile to have purchased a Tata Sky HD+ DVR.


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