Asaram Bapu speaks, again

Oh dear. Another day. Same old madness.

Asaram Bapu, has spoken again. A day after the “beg and brother” grand-fatherly guidance, he has spoken again. If you remember, I had mentioned that he would inevitably take cover in the “media twisted my statement” argument (Read that here). He did exactly that. What I had not expected was a follow-through to that fairly obnoxious slog of a comment. Which is what exactly happened. He said something about “one dog started barking and the others followed”, in an apparent response to the criticism he faced yesterday.

Let us not forget that he is the same person who trivialised the scenario the Delhi Gangrape victim went through in those painful moments in the bus. And he is the same person who apparently flew away to Pune the moment the sh*t hit the fan, and sent one of his cronies to say “he is not speaking to the media today”.

I am actually surprised he had no learned man advice for the girl’s male friend, who got beaten up badly by the rapists.

Totally not surprised that the girl’s family has blasted the self styled Godman today. “We had immense respect for Asaram Bapu and also have many books related to him but as soon as we get back to Delhi we would set them on fire,” the brother of the deceased said.

Do I still need to specify that Mr. Bapu is definitely not sorry for what he said. Now, we will hear lame justifications, over and above all the madness. Some men, clearly, are beyond the stage where you feel sorry for them. Rather, you feel sorry about their presence amongst us.

Please stop raping our ears. I beg. Brother. Please. Forgive me. I am a weakling. Brother.

Theek hai?


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