Mr. Berlusconi has been busy

Silvio Berlusconi has been a very busy man. No wait, we are not talking about the Bunga Bunga parties! This is more about the politics, and football. Two things he loves, quite a bit.


First up, he has announced that he is staying out of the race for the “powerless” post of the Prime Minister of Italy. Surely a waste of time, then! Then, Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party has formed an alliance with the Northern League party, which could end up jeopardising the Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming election. By announcing that if they are voted to power, the property tax on primary residences would be abolished, the approval rating has already gone up from 15% to 20%. However, why are people surprised? Hasn’t the People of Freedom, the right-of-center party won three previous elections in alliance with the Northern League,? The Northern League is in favour of giving Italy’s prosperous north more power to run its own affairs.  No, not a breakaway, but more powers. Mr. Berlusconi, meanwhile, said on weekend television that he is aiming for 40% of the national vote.

Mario Balotelli_ Roberto Mancini
That was the boring bit. Now the interesting bit. Mr. Berlusconi, the president of the AC Milan football club has rubbished reports that Milan were looking at signing Mario Balotelli, as a replacement for Alexandre Pato. There are denials, and then there is this – he categorically made it clear what he thinks of Balotelli, by terming him a “rotten apple and could every group where he goes, including Milan”. Is this a tactic to make Manchester City do some introspection? Is it a plan to make Manchester City realize that most clubs would now stay away after hearing this, and thus drive down the price?

All I can say is – I would not bet on Mr Berlusconi not grabbing the seat of the Prime Minister, if it comes to that. And he hasn’t surely wasted his time in politics all these years. If it saves Milan a few pennies, why not give it a shot. After all, rotten apples can be quite useful at times. Particularly for some beverages.


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