Someone does the unthinkable; pits a BB10 device against an iPhone 5!

We are now 10 days away from the BlackBerry 10 launch event, and the inevitable stream of looks at what are possibly the final versions of the smartphones and close to the final versions of the OS are streaming in.

In the latest byte of goodness to head our way, someone at Telekom-Presse has done a side-by-side video comparison between the iPhone 5 and what seems to be the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. This is essentially pitting the two phones by comparing some similar features.

First up is the specification comparison. The Z10 has a 4.2-inch display with a quoted 356ppi, while the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch display with 326ppi. If we are to get pedantic still, there is the 1800mAh removable battery on the Z10, while the iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh non-removable block of power. Also, the Z10 has a microSD card slot for memory expansion, something the iPhone 5 doesn’t.

Getting into the operating system features, Apple’s SIRI was up against BlackBerry Voice Control. Both phones were dictated a quick email, and the Z10 was not only quicker to decipher the voice commands, but also drafted it correctly. The SIRI was slower, and had issues understanding the same command.

Multi-tasking on the BB10 platform seems to have been inspired by the swipe-up to stack apps gesture we had first seen on the PlayBook tablet. In a direct comparison, the process of closing an open app on BB10 is quicker, and requires lesser steps as well. in what continues to be good news for RIM, the BlackBerry Browser also seemed to be faster rendering the same content than Safari on the iPhone.

BlackBerry Balance lets you divide the phone into Personal and Business, with no apps overlapping. To get into the Business part, you have a password-protected entry. There is a separated app store for enterprise apps.

According to the video, the BB10 version seen is not the final version, and the reviewer is quoted as saying, “the final version might be faster still”, when talking about the browser.

Quite frankly, we cannot wait for BB10 to arrive. And we can just hope that RIM price the phones correctly, and do not make the service access rentals more expensive than they currently are.

Source: Telecom-presse

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